Below are some of the fabulous disabled leaders who are guiding the development and administration of Colorado Disabled Students’ Network.

Steering Committee Fall 2022

Amelia Dickerson started her college journey in 2001, and has since earned degrees/certifications and/or taken classes at Colorado College, Arapahoe Community College, Naropa University, Colorado Christian University, and University of Colorado Boulder. She currently works at CU Boulder, focused on increasing accessibility at CU Boulder and the whole CU system. Amelia is almost totally blind and has counted on her guide dogs, a variety of technologies, random friends and family, some institution-provided services, and a lot of tenacity and creativity to get through school. In addition to learning, Amelia loves to garden, write, run, and create art.

Anna Reid (she / they) is a queer, disabled, community worker and parent to an amazing toddler. She has a BA in Disability Studies from Amherst College and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver. She has also taken ASL classes at Front Range Community College and Gallaudet University. Anna is blind and has anxiety and depression. She finds disability endlessly fascinating and has held a variety of disability-related jobs in the areas of social work, law, and education . Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn!

B. Pearlstein

Cynthia Coffin. My name is Cynthia Coffin, I am a Masters of Social Work student at Metropolitan State University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. I have interned at the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, and the Atlantis Community Center.  Also, I am passionate about working with children and those with disabilities. 

Francesca Van Sant

More Mentors and Contributors!

Brandy McIntosh has a Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling and a Bachelors of Psychology from Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi. She worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in Mississippi. She moved to Colorado where she works for the Center for People With Disabilities as the Independent Living Advisor Manager.  She is passionate about working with individuals with disabilities because she has personal understanding of life with a disability. She was in an automobile accident at the age of 10 which caused a Spinal Cord Injury. She learned to navigate everyday life, college, and employment as an incomplete quadriplegic.

Esha (she/they) graduated with her Masters of Social Work and a certificate in Animal Assisted Social Work from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work last June. During her graduate career, she interned as a research assistant for the Institute for Human-Animal Connection , IHAC, in the Pets for Life as One Health study. She also interned  with the liver transplant team at Porter Adventist Hospital where she utilized therapeutic modalities to help patients engage in substance use treatment and engage in the transplant evaluation process. Currently, she works as a program therapist for Eating Recovery Center’s mood and anxiety program, where she leads group therapy for adults  who are struggling with depression, OCD, anxiety, and PTSD. She has an affinity for working with survivors of complex trauma and dissociative disorders and in the future, plans to incorporate canine assisted interventions into her practice as a licensed clinical social worker. You can find her rock climbing with Paradox Sports and performing on stage with Phamaly Theatre Company in her free time!

Kevin Darcy is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at CU Boulder.  Kevin is blind and his current research is on disability and higher education.  Kevin’s other research interests include immigration, food and nutrition, public health, and the environment.

Pierce Grandchamp (he/his) is the Youth Transitions Coordinator at Atlantis Community. Inc. He was born and raised here locally in Colorado and received his Bachelor’s degree in business management at CSU. He completed his Master’s in nonprofit management from Regis University. He brings values of empathy, active listening, and a passion for physical and mental health to all he does. To live up to these values in his personal life he is an adaptive hockey coach who enjoys exploring accessible nature trails, spending time watching sports with friends, and hanging around with his dog. “My favorite part of the work is peer support with people with disabilities who are just starting the journey of discovering their life’s path. I believe every person deserves to feel loved and needed in the community of their choice. I look forward to talking with you!”

Seyanna is a graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Management program at Regis University. For over 10 years she has worked with and for the Denver metro area community to address issues related to sexual and domestic violence. Her service to the community has afforded her the insight to recognize avenues of intersectionality that present as barriers for various members of the community, especially those with disabilities. It is her hope that her time with CCDC will offer her opportunities to elevate young folks’ throughout their journey with their disability to come to a place in which they are comfortable not only advocating for themselves but others as well in order to cultivate a more inclusive world.

Organizational Partners

We are indebted to Center for People with Disabilities for their ongoing support, mentorship, and allyship in this work.

Also thanks to Atlantis Community, Inc., for contributing ideas and support to College Bound 2022.