College Bound 2022

[Note: The 2022 College Bound program is now complete. We may offer a similar program in Spring 2023.]

  • How is college different from high school?
  • What are the options for disability accommodations?
  • How do I choose classes?
  • What will social life be like?
  • How do I pay for school?
  • Do I have to tell anyone about my health condition or disability?
  • What if I have a hard time keeping up with the work?
  • Are there other students who have a similar experience to me?

Do you have these questions or others? We are here to help!

The College Bound 2022 Program is organized by the Colorado Disabled Students’ Network, in partnership with the Center for People with Disabilities and Atlantis Community, Inc.. The project is designed and facilitated by disabled people who are current or past college students. We are offering what we wish we had known when we began our own college journeys. 

This program focuses on students transitioning from high school to college, but we also welcome older and returning students. Students from all backgrounds and with all types of disabilities and impactful health conditions are encouraged to attend. We specifically affirm the experiences of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC students. The program is for all of us, including those who do not have formal diagnoses and those who do not use formal accommodations.

The program consists of a series of online seminars running from April through July 2022, and an in-person gathering in Denver on August 6th. Participants will:

    1. Meet and connect with other disabled college students.
    2. Learn strategies for navigating college with a disability, including how to talk to professors, how to arrange accommodations if you need them, and how to advocate for yourself.


  • May 11th, 7pm – 8pm, online seminar: Funding and benefit programs: FAFSA, scholarships, Medicaid / Medicaid buy-in, Social Security Disability benefits, ABLE Accounts, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).
  • May 25rd, 7pm – 8pm, online seminar: Assistive technology.
  • June 8th, 7pm – 8pm, online seminar: Self-advocacy and communicating with faculty and staff.
  • June 22nd, 7pm – 8pm, online seminar: Disability services.
  • July 13th, 7pm – 8pm, online seminar: Disability identity and disclosure.
  • July 27th, 7pm – 8pm, online seminar: Program debrief and group visioning for the future of CDSN.
  • July 30th: In-person meet-up in Denver, with COVID-safe protocols.

Other things to know:

  • You don’t have to attend all of the sessions. Some sessions may be more relevant to you than others. That said, please commit to showing up as much as you are able, since consistent participation is necessary for building community.
  • Parents or other interested parties may attend the online seminars if invited by a student.
  • We will ensure that all sessions and materials are accessible to all participants, including captioning, ASL interpretation, etc. You can tell us what you need on the registration form. Some accommodations take a few days to arrange.
  • The program is offered at no cost to you. A suggested donation of $15 – $45 can be made by following this link to donate through CPWD. Please direct your donation to College Bound 2022.

Still accepting registrations!

Please register using the button below, which links to a Google form. The form takes 10-20 minutes to complete. If you have questions or encounter access barriers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below is a downloadable flyer for the program. Please note that the PDF version of the flyer is not readable by people who use assistive technology.